Matthew August

Michelle August

As two young entrepreneurs, born into a family with a long legacy in the Okanagan - we feel like the August Family Foundation is our way of giving back  to the community that has given so much to us. With the passing of Gary August, we realized how the community touched him, and the life the community gave him. We realized this after the amazing amount of people who came forward with heart felt memories and condolences, we knew he was an amazing person but didn't know how much he touched the people around him. I then realized it's not what you have in life it's the people in it that make the difference and for that I thank him.

Our first event with the Central Okanagan Hospice Association is very important to us. The organization took unbelievable care of one of our own Uncle Gary, The way that they were taken care of felt as though it wasn't their job, it was their passion. Our focus with the August Family Foundation is to help charities within the Okanagan who have helped touched locals in the valley.

Matt August

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